Levent Marasli, a photographer based in London and I feel privileged to capture moments and emotions storytelling.  My approach. is focused on you, to make you feel comfortable and be yourself.  I want to offer you special m
I want to offer you special memories that you’ll cherish and love forever! And that, fills me with happiness…
I have embarked on a photography project to share the achievements and fascinating stories of the Deaf community and the barriers they face. With range of deaf participants from the entertainment, political and outreach sectors, Levent Marasli shows the depth of passion, talent and endeavour within the Deaf community.
I, also founder of Deaf Citizens aims to change the narrative around Deaf entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners and employees. By choosing to take portraits and sharing the biographies of Deaf people who are highly successful in their fields alongside those who are still struggling to overcome barriers into employment. It's time to disrupt the barriers and bring more awareness.
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